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    A Very Special Tribute to Judge Christopher Gregory Weeramantry

    The IUCN Academy of Environmental Law announces with profound sadness the passing of Judge Christopher Gregory Weeramantry, Fellow of the IUCN Academy.

    Judge Weeramantry passed away peacefully on January 5, 2017 at the age of 90 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Following is a special tribute to Judge Weeramantry written by his former assistant, Dr. Nilupul Gunawardena Somathilaka from the Hague, The Netherlands.

    Christopher Gregory Weeramantry


    Each and every nation treasures a selected band of very special sons and daughters; the eminently gifted ones in any given domain of human endeavour. Christopher Gregory Weeramantry will certainly go down in history as one of the greatest sons of Sri Lanka and as a Global Citizen of the highest order.

    The surname Weeramantry is spoken of with respect throughout the country: Judge Christopher Weeramantry’s father Gregory and his elder brother Lucian earned their spurs in national history, but Christopher was to reach well beyond the national compound. He made his name, and that of his beloved Sri Lanka echo worldwide. None perhaps of the eminent legal and social minds, Sri Lanka gave birth to, ever exerted such an impact on global thought as he did. For there was a personal element to it as well. By virtue of his gentle, mild personality, his irresistible charm - topped by that enchanting smile – Christopher Weeramantry, with enviable ease, laced together strings of friends and admirers worldwide.

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    IN MEMORIAM - Dr. Wolfgang E. Burhenne

    By: Professor Nick Robinson

    wolfgangOn January 6, 2017, a cold winter’s day in Germany, under clear blue sky with bright sunshine, Wolfgang E. Burhenne’s life ended. He died with his daughter Raphaella, and her family at home, peacefully, in Germany. His family plans a memorial celebration of the life and work of Wolfgang Burhenne in the coming months. The funeral was private, for the family.

    Wolfgang Burhenne’s passion for inventing laws to protect all manner of flora and fauna is legendary. More than any other single individual, he conceived and nourished laws for nature conservation and environmental stewardship across the Earth. He was as much at home in the Alps of Austria or Bavaria as he was in East Africa or the Arabian Penisula. He loved la chasse and nourished care for wild animals. At the same time, he devoted his life to building what the world now accepts as sustainable development, helping people and nature to live together in greater harmony. He was as much at home in the hallways of the United Nations in New York or Geneva as he was in parliamentary offices across Germany, as he was in the mountains and forests.

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    The third in-country Training the Teachers (TTT) program for 2016 delivered in Cebu City, the Philippines, from 22-26 August 2016.

    Caption: The third in-country Training the Teachers (TTT)  program for 2016 delivered in Cebu City, the Philippines, from 22-26 August 2016.

    With the support of the Asian Development Bank, the Academy collaborated with the host institution, the University of Cebu College of Law, to deliver a five-day course to 30 participants from across the Philippines.  While some of the participants have been teaching environmental law for several years, over half had not previously done so and were undertaking the course to prepare themselves for this task. The Academy training team comprised Rob Fowler, Gerthie Mayo-Anda, Sandy Paterson and Donna Craig with Philippine trainers Rose-Liza Osorio, Golly Ramos, Dody Maralit and Maria Hernandez-Belloso. Throughout the week, the atmosphere in the training was very high energy and enthusiastic. The participants particularly embraced the opportunity to experience a wide range of new teaching methodologies and committed to introducing a number of these into their teaching in the future.

    The TTT program has already held successful courses in Malaysia and Vietnam. Next, the TTT program takes its moveable feast of environmental law training to Beijing in October. Congratulations to Rob Fowler and Winnie Carruth for developing, managing and implementing such a successful Academy project.

    For more information, please visit the Asian Development Blog

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    Climate Change: A paradigm shift in the strategy to combat it

    The speech by our Distinguished Speaker, Hilario Davide, Jr. (Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines) at the IUCN Academy's 13th Annual Colloquium held in Jakarta, Indonesia is now available. Click here