The IUCN Academy of Environmental Law is uniquely positioned in building environmental law education capacity and promoting the conceptual development of environmental law.

The Academy recognizes that environmental legal education is a vital contributor to the rule of law and to robust environmental governance essential for sustainable development and can be achieved through:

  • Development and delivery of programs aimed at building university teaching capacity in environmental law;
  • Generation of global research programs with major partners to feed into national and international environmental law and policy agendas; and
  • Convening major international conferences and exchange through the efforts of its Secretariat and its electronic communications.

As countries seek to achieve global environmental sustainability and to increase their capacity for the development and implementation of international and national environmental law, the IUCN Academy can draw on its international resources to help achieve the following:

  • Build individual talent and institutional capacity in environmental law and policy as a vital contributor to effective international environmental governance
  • Advance understanding of some of the most pressing environmental law and governance issues and propose strategies to address these issues from a legal perspective
  • Contribute to developing new legal mechanisms to meet urgent demands for sound global, regional and national governance