2015 Environmental Law Scholarship Awards

The IUCN Academy of Environmental Law Scholarship Awards for Senior and Emerging scholars recognize publications including academic books (edited or authored), journal articles and book chapters, as well as commissioned policy reports and studies of research value in any language. Consideration may also be given to other scholarly activities, such as organizing academic conferences and workshops, building collaborative research networks, and other innovations that advance research in environmental law.

The 2015 Scholarship Award winners are announced below.

Senior Scholarship Award: Professor Ben Boer

Professor Ben Boer is Emeritus Professor in the Faculty of Law of the University of Sydney (Australia) and Distinguished Professor at Wuhan University Law School in its Research Institute of Environmental Law (China).

Professor Ben Boer and Professor Nilufer Oral, Chair, IUCN Academy of Environmental Law

The following excerpts regarding the academic work of Professor Boer are taken from the reviewers:

Prodigious scholarly efforts.  A pioneer. Internationally recognized expert.  His scholarly work has been characterized by extraordinary transnational as well as international scope, careful attention to detail and exposition in describing issues and existing law accompanied by sensible, original, and sometimes bold legislative, policy and governance proposals”.

A distinguished academic career spanning over more than four decades at a number of prestigious universities and international organizations – his high-quality original scholarship – wide range of subject areas including international environmental law, comparative environmental law, conservation and heritage law, water law, environmental rights, protection of soils and the law related to protected areas and biodiversity – highest academic standards with a considerable degree of originality and great accessibility appealing to a wide readership well beyond environmental law“.

Emerging Scholarship Award: Professor Sara Seck

Professor Sara Seck is Associate Professor with the Faculty of Law, University of Western Ontario, Canada.

Professor Sara Seck

The following excerpts regarding the academic work of Professor Seck are taken from the reviewers:

“Significant body of work.  Wide array of issues related to the governance of transnational corporate activity, human rights and the environment.  Original insights into the way the extractive industry has helped to shape environmental discourse on resource extraction and sustainable development and into the colonial attributes of international environmental law….Quality of scholarship is excellent. Work is thorough, critical.”

“An extensive and impressive record of scholarship – a meticulous scholar – thorough understanding of the existing legal and policy framework.  An admirable balance between analysis and advocacy – Engagement with third world approaches to international law.  Professor Seck addresses the failure of international environmental law to engage with the harmful environmental impacts of transnational corporate conduct, questioning the view that intra territorial environmental harm lies outside the purview of the discipline…”

Emerging Scholarship Award: Professor Hannah Wiseman

Professor Hannah Wiseman is Assistant Professor at the Florida State University College of Law, Tallahassee, Florida, USA.

Professor Hannah Wiseman

The following excerpts regarding the academic work of Professor Wiseman are taken from the reviewers:

“An ability to recognize emerging issues before virtually anyone else.  First law scholar to recognize the importance of hydraulic fracturing.  A thorough understand of the subjects.  Detailed, well-reasoned analyses and compelling arguments.  Her articles have influence (ex. EPA) “an influential voice” – International importance and significant attention outside the US.  Her insights and advice provide a roadmap that other jurisdictions could use in crafting their own regulations – Ability to do several different types of work … not limited to hydraulic fracturing: other energy topic that have an environmental nexus….She writes and speaks in such a balanced tone, supports her arguments with such sound reasoning that has earned the respect of both critics and defenders of hydraulic fracturing.”

“Her scholarship is novel, well-researched, well-written, and as importantly, helping to make law and governance better in impressive ways.  …Highest scholarly quality, providing important novel insights into timely topics and foundational ones.  Publications on hydraulic fracturing alone are enormously influential.  Articles impeccably researched, demonstrate a depth of understanding, put forward innovative ideas that could be implemented practically, and are well-written and well-organized….”