Biofuels, Biodiversity and Climate Change

As part of the 8th annual colloquium of the Academy, held in Ghent, Belgium in September 2010, two panels were devoted to the study of law and regulations regarding biofuels.

Plenary 1:

Zen Makuch, Imperial College London (UK),  How Valid is the Promotion of Agrofuels by Reference to Ecosystem Conservation and Environmental Protection: An Evaluation of UK and French Law and Policy in an EU Context

Panel 14: Biofuels I

Chair: Melissa Powers, Lewis and Clark University (USA)

  • Liselotte Smorenburg-van Middelkoop, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Sustainability Criteria by the EU: Do they Provide the Legal Solution to the Devil’s Dilemma of Bioenergy?
  • Michael I. Jeffery, University of Western Sydney, and Xiabao Zhao, PhD candidate, University of Western Sydney (Australia), Will Biodiversity Pay the Price? The Case for and against the Use of Biofuels and Biochar to Aid in the Mitigation of Climate Change
  • Alexandrina Sobreira de Moura, Federal University of Pernambuco (Brazil) and Joaquim Nabuco Foundation (Brazil), The Biodiesel Program and Sustainable Development in Brazil
  • Vladimir Magalhaes, Catholic University of Santos (Brazil), Biofuels: The Risks to Brazilian Biodiversity and their Interaction with Global Warming
  • Victor M. Tafur, Pace University (USA), Linkages between Biodiversity and Bioenergy: Inclusive Market Development

Panel 27: Energy II/ Biofuels II

Chair: Melissa Powers, Lewis and Clark University (USA)