Training the Teachers Project

The IUCN Academy of Environmental Law is committed to advancing the teaching of environmental law around the globe, particularly in countries where the capacity to do so currently is lacking altogether or is seriously inadequate. It has therefore developed the TTT course as one of its “flagship” projects in order to pursue this objective in two types of situation:

  • first, in countries or a region where there are relatively few legal scholars currently teaching environmental law within their Law Schools (for example, many countries in South America and Africa); and
  • second, in countries where environmental law has been specified as a core element of the law curriculum (e.g., India, Indonesia and China) and where there is a clear need to recruit more teachers to deliver the required course.

The TTT course will be delivered in two modes: first, a basic “training the teachers” course (TTT1) for legal academics who have not previously taught environmental law and are willing to take on this task; second, an advanced “training the teachers” (TTT2) course, which involves training legal academics who are already teaching environmental law to enable them to deliver the basic course to colleagues in their country or region who have not previously taught environmental law.

Delivering the Course
The first course, Advanced Training the Teachers, was conducted in Wuhan, China in early March 2011. The five-day course was been developed by a team from the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law, in close partnership with the Research Institute of Environmental Law (RIEL) at Wuhan University.

A second training took place in July 2013 at Chongqing University in China. In both cases Vermont Law School played a key role in the conception and offering of these courses et received financial support from USAID for this project.

Course Certificate|
The Governing Board of the Academy has approved the establishment of an Academy Certificate in Environmental Law (Teaching) and an Academy Certificate in Environmental Law (Teacher Training) to be awarded to participants who successfully complete the TTT1 and TTT2 courses respectively.

Additional benefits
The TTT course will be likely to generate considerable flow-on benefits. By increasing the capacity to teach environmental law to law graduates, particularly in less-developed countries, the Academy can make an important contribution to the effective implementation and enforcement of environmental law. Legally-trained professionals who have studied environmental law will be able to apply their knowledge of this field in their subsequent work in government, in the private sector or with non-government organizations. This will contribute in turn to the more effective management and protection of the environment, particularly in countries where this currently presents a significant challenge.