Nick Robinson is the Gilbert & Sarah Kerlin Professor of Environmental Law at Pace University where he has been teaching since 1978. He was a pioneer in the study and development of environmental law, and instrumental in encouraging institutional developments in mooting, in clinical legal education, in international environmental law exchange teaching and long-distance learning. Professor Robinson was founder and first Chair of the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law (2004-2008). He has contributed his extensive knowledge and expertise at the state, national and international levels in such forms as legal
advisory or board member services to governments (Legal Advisory Committee to the U.S. President's Council on Environmental Quality), international agencies (FAO, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, American Council for UNESCO) and ENGOs (Environmental Law Institute); provision of congressional testimony; and participation in delegations to global fora such as the 1972 Stockholm Conference, the UNCED at Rio in 1992 and the Johannesburg Summit in 2002.