Amber Prasad Pant- Climate Change and Forest Management in Nepal

Andri Wibisana- Law Enforcement for Forest Fires in Indonesia: Critical Comments

Carina Costa de Oliveira- The limits of international environmental law related to the protection of marine resources in the context of the seabed exploration and exploitation

Dhany Rahmawan- Public Participation in Indonesia Environmental Management

Dhiana Puspitawati Rachmad Safa'at- Legal Framework on Marine Biodiversity in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction

Haifeng Deng- Public Participation in Energy Area of China

Ida Nurlinda- The Policy of Sustainable Protection and Management for Primary Natural Forest and Peat Ecosystem in order to Refining Forestry Governance in Indonesia

Idowu Adegbite- Clinical Legal Education in Nigeria

Indrani Sarma- Democratic Forest Governance in India and the Forest Rights Act

Laely Nurhidayah- Conservation and Sustainable Use of Marine Biodiversity in Indonesia: Opportunities and Challenges

Marcia Fajardo- Biodiversity vs Agriculture- Enemies or Allies? The agroforestry case within the Brazilian legal framework

Mas Achmad Santosa- Preventing and Combating Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Indonesia

Mekete Bekele Tekle- Climate-Resilient Green Economy: Ethiopia's Strategy for Sustainable Development

Nawaporn Saeneewong- Regional cooperation under the rights and/or obligations to establish marine protected areas in the international conventions

Rachmad Safaat- Paradigm Reconstruction of Forest Management System Based on Ecological Sustainability

Satya Tripathi- Climate Change in Indonesia and its impact upon Biodiversity

Siradj Okta- ASEAN Economic Community: Amplification of Ecocide?

Solange Teles de Silva & team- Marine Protected Areas in Brazil and the Effectiveness of the Participation Principle

Svitlana Romanko- The Biodiversity Policy and the Forest Law of Ukraine: the Road to Where?

Yilin Pei- Addressing Human and Wildlife Conflict in Protected Area Laws

Yiyuan (William) Su- Taiwan's Forest Law

Youna Lyons- Towards a comprehensive framework for the management of sensitive marine environments

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