Wuhan University School of Law

Research Institute of Environmental Law
Luojia Shan

Prof. Cai Shouqiu
Email: fxycsq@whu.edu.cn

Prof. Wang Shuyi
Email: wenminmail@163.com

Prof. Li Qijia
Email: fxylqj@whu.edu.cn

Prof. Du Qun
Email: duqun@yahoo.com

Prof. Dr. Tianbao Qin
Email: fxyqtb@whu.edu.cn , riel@whu.edu.cn

A/Prof. Li Guanbin
Email: fxylgb@whu.edu.cn

A/Prof. Luo Ji
Email: fxylj@whu.edu.cn

A/Prof. K Jian
Email: fxykj@whu.edu.cn

A/Prof. Wu Zhiliang
Email: fxywzl@whu.edu.cn

Dr Wu Yu
Email: rielwyu@whu.edu.cn

Located in: North Asia

A payment form will be sent when your membership application is approved by the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law

Please note the date that membership commences is when payment of the required fees is received.