Universitat Rovira I Virgili - CEDAT - Centre D'Estudis De Dret Ambiental De Tarragona

Department of Public Law
Av. Catalunya, 35
Phone: 0034977558331

Professor Dr. Antoni Pigrau
Email: antoni.pigrau@urv.cat

Professor Susana Borras Petinat
Email susana.borras@urv.cat

Professor Lucia Casaado Casado
Email lucia.casado@urv.cat

Professor Aitan de la Varga Pastor
Email aitana.delavarga@urv.cat

Professor Angeles Galiana Saura
Email angeles.galiana@urv.cat

Professor Jordi Jaria Manzano
Email jordi.jaria@urv.cat

Professor Maria Marques Banque
Email maria.marques@urv.cat

Professor Alberto Olivares
Email alberto.olivares@urv.cat

Professor Ana Pallares Serrano
Email anna.pallares@urv.cat

Professor Mario Ruiz Sanz
Email mario.ruiz@urv.cat

Ignasi Company Armengol
Email ica@tinet.org

Joan anton Font Monclus
Email joananton.font@urv.cat

Julia Gifra Durall
Email julia.gifra@urv.cat

Josep Maria Sabate Vidal
Email josepmaria.sabatev@urv.cat

Ramon Torrres Estrada
Email ramon.torres@urv.cat

Located in: Western Europe

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